About our research group

At the Research Group PhosphoSites we study the molecular mechanisms by which phosphorylation triggers protein-protein interactions and conformational changes in proteins. Using this information, we evaluate the possibility to develop small molecular weight compounds to mimic the activation and inhibition of protein kinases.

Research Group PhosphoSites (Frankfurt)

Ricardo M. Biondi (group leader)+49 69 6301 4591
 Dr. Sonja Neimanis+49 69 6301 87672
 Dr. Katrien Buschots +49 69 6301 87665
 Laura A. Lopez-Garcia+49 69 6301 87671
 Valerie Hindie+49 69 6301 87671
 Hua Zhang+49 69 6301 87673
 Angelika Bauer+49 69 6301 87670
 Quirine von Quirnheim+49 69 6301 87673
 Silke Garkisch+49 69 6301 87672

The Research Group PhosphoSites is an interdisciplinary research group which currently puts together scientists from different disciplines, including: molecular biology, biochemistry cellular biology, protein crystallography, and synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

Our research projects are supported by:

DFG (1, 2)

Deutsche Krebshilfe

BMBF. BMBF Go-Bio is supporting the basic and applied science that may lead to a future spin-off. See the press release here.

We were also honored by support from the German Diabetes Society -Menarini-Preis - (Projektförderung) der Deutschen Diabetes-Gesellschaft.