Preclinical Research

  • Our scientific work focuses on immunological issues and research on complex immunological relationships in immunodeficiencies, haemato-oncological diseases and stem cell transplantation.
  • Preclinical research projects and studies deal with molecular and functional characterization of cellular immune system components with a focus on the various subpopulations of T cells, Natural Killer (NK), Cytokine-Induced Killer (CIK) cells, and Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs ).
  • In experimental models of stem cell transplantation, GVL and GVHD, complex molecular relationships in immunology are explored.
  • In addition to molecular, cell biological and flow cytometric methods, modern in vitro and in vivo imaging techniques are used.
    Using these techniques in a variety of preclinical models, innovative cell therapy protocols can be developed, including CAR immune cell therapies.

Range of Methods

  • Molecular biological analyses
  • Confocal Live Cell Imaging
  • Characterization of  T cell-, NK cell- and ILC-subpopulations
  • Crosstalk of dendritic and natural killer cells
  • Optimization of NK cell expansion and activation
  • Viral and non-viral gene modification of immune cells
  • Xenograft models for testing of new cell therapeutics
  • Mouse models for tumors, leukemia, BMT, GVHD, GVL
  • In vivo Imaging Facility
  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • S1 / S2 areas for gene modification of immune and tumor cells

Translational Clinical Research

  • In the field of translational research, the Ullrich lab performs immunomonitoring studies of cancer patients undergoing specific treatments, autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
  • Projects with focus on immunoregulation of graft-versus-leukemia (GVL) and graft-versus-host (GVH) effects in allogeneic stem cell transplantation have been supported by the German Cancer Aid as Max Eder Research Group and awarded with different international research prizes.
  • The overall research aims are the optimization of personalized cellular therapy combined with immunomodulation in patients with advanced malignant diseases.
  • Current projects focus on gene modification of immune cells and testing of CAR NK and CAR-T cell therapies.

Range of Methods

  • Pathomechanisms of GVL and GVHD
  • Clinical studies in the field of cellular immuno therapy
  • Functional Immuno- / Immunodeficiency diagnostic
  • Immune reconstitution after stem cell transplantation
  • Biomarker analysis
  • Immune monitoring in the context of immunotherapy, for example CAR T cell monitoring