Evaluation of cellular immune status in patients after stem cell transplantation or children with suspected immunodeficiency is an additional focus of our laboratory.
Complex characterization of immune cells and their function is performed in patients after stem cell transplantation (immune reconstitution), in patients with recurrent infections and for diagnosis of primary or secondary immunodeficiency.

  • Cellular immune status

T cells         

(T helper cells, cytotoxic T cells and their subgroups: aktivated, naïve, effektor memory (TEM), central memory (TCM),  effector memory RA+ (TEMRA), TCRαβ, TCRγδ, regulatory T cells (Treg), double-positive and double-negative T cells)

B cells  

(naïve, switched, non-switched, memory B cells)

NK cells           

(Immuneregulatory and cytotoxic NK cells)


(plasmacytoid und myeloid dendritic cells,

  • Functional tests
    Granulocyte function test (Oxidativer Burst), CD107a degranulation test
  • Cell typing in bronchioalveolar lavage fluid, liquor and ascites
  • CD34 stem cell monitoring after G-CSF stimulation