Psychosocial Service

With the indication for a stem cell transplant, the life of an entire family changes abruptly. Nothing is as it used to be. Everyday life gets out of hand and new structures usually have to be found for a longer period of time.

During the entire medical treatment of the child, high psychological demands are placed on the family, which put different burdens on the individual family members.

The Psychosocial Service offers advice and support to the sick children and adolescents as well as to their parents and siblings during this difficult phase of their lives.

Psycho-oncology and Social Work

When it is clear or very probable that a stem cell transplantation will be performed a psycho-oncologist as well as a social worker will contact the family promptly. Both employees are always at the family's side during their stay at the hospital with their knowledge and experience and accompany the family until the end of the therapy. They act as continuous contact persons for all psychosocial issues before, during and after the transplant.

Possible questions to the social worker could be: 

"How do we organize the time of the hospital stay? Who cares for the siblings? What about my job? What do I say to my employer? Where can we, the parents, stay during the transplant? What benefits can I apply for from the health insurance fund, the nursing care fund, the pension office and the pension insurance institution?"

Possible questions to the psycho-oncologist could be: 

"How can I support my child dur